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Transperth is part of the State Government's Public Transport Authority (PTA), and is the brand name through which the Western Australian Government provides public transport services in the Perth metropolitan region. This includes Perth's public buses, trains and ferries.

The Transperth system comprises approximately*:

  • Operates over 11,200 timetabled bus services, 1,000 train services and nearly 400 school bus services on a typical weekday.

  • 80 ferry services operate on a typical weekday from September to April, and 60 services from May to August.

  • Has a fleet of over 1,100 buses, 222 rail cars (which can be coupled in configurations of two, three, four or six-car trains) and two ferries.

  • In the last financial year it operated around 66 million service kilometers with over 131 million passenger boardings.

The Transperth bus network is run by three bus operators – Swan Transit, Path Transit and Southern Coast Transit.
Transperth bus services are split into ten contract areas:

Contract area
Morley             Path Transit




Swan Transit


Swan Transit


Path Transit


Swan Transit

Southern River

Swan Transit

Joondalup      Southern Coast Transit

Central Area Transit (CAT)

Southern Coast Transit


Southern Coast Transit


Southern Coast Transit

Transperth train services are operated internally by Transperth, under a Service Level Agreement with Transperth Trains Operations.

Transperth's ferry services operate between Barrack St Jetty and Mends St Jetty and are run by Captain Cook Cruises.

Transperth also has a range of Facility Management contracts to manage and operate the Transperth system. Contracts include security, building maintenance, cleaning, signage contracts, information & call centre services etc.

Transperth has about 100 contracts in operation at any one time to assist with the operation of Perth's public transport system. These contracts are worth approximately $300 million a year and generate annual revenue of approximately $70 million.

*Effective as of 5 April 2011.

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