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Learning Life Skills

Broadly speaking there are two community education programs offered. Within these programs are more educational tools designed to meet the needs of different community groups.

Both programs offer education resources with outcomes based activities and support materials which aim to:

  • address safety and security issues/initiatives
  • increase public awareness and understanding of public transport
  • increase passenger confidence in using public transport
  • promote passengers’ rights and responsibilities as public transport users
  • encourage a sense of ownership and pride in the system.
Get on Board
Get on Board

Want to know about Transperth but don’t know where to begin?  SmartRider ticketing? Planning a  journey? Discover what public  transport is all about and how to use  it – the services, features and its  continued role into the future.

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Right Track
Right Track 

This program is primarily focused on issues of trespass, vandalism and anti social behaviour and provides strategies for personal safety and the safety of others.

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Find out about Transperth's Get on Board educational programs

 lesson ideas and competition information to get your students involved in bus safety learning experiences
Talks, tours and  learning opportunities for all ages and abilities
Find out about responsible travel and plan ahead for your next family outing using Transperth
Fun things to do and learn about public transport. Plan a journey or jump on board our latest competition
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