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Transperth Special Event Services

Public transport in Western Australia is funded by the WA State Government on behalf of the WA State taxpayers.  The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is the body that is tasked with providing public transport within the State.  The current level of funding provided to the PTA allows for the provision of scheduled timetabled services and additional Special Event Services to large scale community based events, such as Christmas Pageant, Skyworks, ANZAC Day at Kings Park and The Royal Show.  The PTA’s funding does not allow for extra public transport support to commercial events.

It is the position of the PTA, supported by the State Government, that commercial event organisers and venue managers should be responsible for providing adequate public transport to and from their Special Event, and that the cost of any additional services should be borne by them.

The PTA provides event organisers with two costing models:  either joint ticketing or flat cost. 

Using the joint ticketing model, the PTA charges a fee per ticket issued to the event organiser/venue manager.  Ticket holders, using their event ticket to access the Transperth network of services, are then entitled to use public transport to and from the Special Event at no additional cost.

With the flat cost model, the event organiser/venue manager is charged for the cost of additional services required.  Normal Transperth fares apply and passengers are required to pay a fare as per timetabled services.

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