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Transperth tickets and fares

To travel on Transperth bus, train and ferry services you need to buy a ticket*. With a valid Transperth ticket, you can use any combination of bus, train and ferry services.

Transperth has two types of ticketing, cash tickets and SmartRider, Transperth’s electronic ticketing system. Transperth recommends SmartRider as it always ensures that you pay the appropriate and lowest fare. Click here for more information on ticket types.

Passengers purchasing cash tickets are encouraged to tender the correct amount as drivers carry very little change and most Transperth Stations do not have change machines.

Transperth’s public transport service area is divided into nine zones, which are defined by circles centred on Perth city. Your fare is calculated by the number of zones you travel through on your journey. If you travel within the one zone, you will be charged a 1-zone fare. If you travel over a zone boundary into another zone, you will be charged a 2-zone fare and so on.

When you buy a Transperth ticket you don’t just buy a single ride on the bus, train or ferry, you buy between two to three hours of travel on any Transperth service. For journeys up to 4 zones, you have two hours to transfer between services. For trips covering 5 to 9 zones, you have three hours. The transfer period commences at the time of the ticket purchase or first validation of your SmartRider card.

*Children under the age of five travel for free and must be accompanied by someone aged 15 years or older. Children between the ages of five and 15 qualify for a concession fare.

Some exceptions

Firstly, there’s a cash 2-section ticket, which is meant for short, one-way journeys of up to 3.2km. You can’t transfer between services with this type of ticket.

Secondly, when you only travel on a CircleRoute bus without using any other Transperth service, a 2-zone fare is the maximum you’ll pay.

Lastly, primary and secondary school students pay a maximum of 50 cents when travelling with a Student SmartRider to or from school on a Transperth bus, train or ferry or on any regional bus service regardless of how many zones they travel*.

It is your responsibility to determine which ticket to purchase for your journey. Ticket inspections are conducted across the Transperth system and fines are issued for fare evasion and invalid tickets.

Free Transit Zone

Transperth operates a Free Transit Zone (for buses) and a SmartRider Free Transit Zone (for trains) within the Perth city boundaries. Passengers can travel within it on any bus or train* for free, as often as they want.

*Conditions apply, please click here for more information.

Transperth Fares Effective 1 July 2013





 SmartRider - cost per journey


 SmartRider - cost per journey 


 15% discount

 25% discount 


  15% discount

 25% discount 

 2 Sections 







 1 Zone







 2 Zones







 3 Zones







 4 Zones







 5 Zones







 6 Zones







 7 Zones







 8 Zones







 9 Zones






















 50 cents - no discount

All fares GST inclusive. Fares calculated are rounded to the nearest whole cent based on normal rounding convention    

What is a zone? 

Transperth determines fares by dividing its service areas into zones. There are nine Transperth zones which are defined by circles centred on Perth city.

Each zone is between eight and 10 kilometres wide.

Click here to download the zone map.

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