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The right ticket for you

To travel on Transperth bus, train and ferry services you need to buy a ticket*. Transperth offers a range of tickets to meet the needs of you and your family. Whether you use our services to travel to and from work each day or simply use Transperth to go shopping or to a special event, Transperth has the right ticket for you.

When you buy a Transperth ticket you don't just buy a single ride on a bus, train or ferry, you buy up to three hours of travel with Transperth. For journeys up to 4 zones, you have two hours to transfer between services. For trips covering 5 to 8 zones, you have three hours.

The transfer period commences at the time of the ticket purchase or first validation of your SmartRider card.

Failure to have a valid ticket may result in an infringement. Click here for further information about infringement notices. 

* Children under the age of five travel for free and must be accompanied by someone aged 15 years or older. Children between the ages of five and 15 qualify for a concession fare.

Transperth has two types of ticketing, SmartRider and cash tickets.

Types of tickets
  • Cash tickets
  • SmartRider
  • DayRider
  • FamilyRider
  • Student SmartRider
  • Tertiary SmartRider
  • Seniors SmartRider

Please note, passengers are responsible for having adequate change to purchase tickets from TVM’s as not all machines have bank note acceptors. TVM's are equipped to give a maximum of $9.90 in change only.

Travel with correct change 

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