Increased cleaning  

While all Transperth vehicles are regularly cleaned, we have increased the cleaning regime of our buses, trains and ferries as well as stations. Particular attention is being paid to surfaces passengers hold or contact. Regardless, surfaces where people touch – including poles, doors and handrails – should not be considered completely sanitised.

Cash handling 

We recommend that passengers who usually buy cash fares on the Transperth system consider buying a SmartRider card. Also, we ask that passengers who usually add value to their SmartRider on board a bus, use alternative methods of adding value, such as Autoload.

We ask that passengers using our InfoCentres or the ferry kiosk, pay by card and not cash.

We are reducing the need for our bus drivers to handle cash on Transperth bus services. Buses have being fitted with a cash box near the driver, into which passengers still using cash should drop their money before the driver issues a ticket or adds value to a SmartRider. Where a cash box has been fitted, no change will be given.

Temporary closure of front seat on-board buses

The front seats of buses will be temporarily closed off, providing more space between drivers and passengers. We ask all passengers to keep any interaction with the driver to a minimum.

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