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SmartRider Pay'n'Display trial at Stirling Station

Effective: 22 October 2007

From Monday 22 October until Sunday 4 November 2007, Transperth will trial the new SmartRider Pay'n'Display ticket machines at Stirling Station.

These new machines will allow you to use your SmartRider card to pay for your all day parking (coins will still be accepted).

To use the new SmartRider Pay'n'Display ticket machines, follw these simple steps:

  1. Press the yellow button to activate the SmartRider reader. The machine will prompt you to present your SmartRider card.
  2. Place your SmartRider card on the SmartRider target above the ticket dispenser. A parking ticket will be automatically issued.
  3. Place your parking ticket, correct side up, on your vehicle's dashboard.

Using your SmartRider card to pay for your parking fare is not registered as a tag on, so there is no need to tag off at the parking machine.

However, you are still required to use your SmartRider to tag on and tag off your bus or train service as normal. The $2.00 parking fee will be deducted from your SmartRider card on the following day.

Please note the SmartRider 15% and 25% discount does not apply to the parking fee.

You must tag on a Transperth service the same day you use your SmartRider card to pay for your parking ticket. Failure to tag on a Transperth service will prevent you from using your SmartRider to pay for your parking ticket the following day.

In the event of this happening, tag on a Transperth bus or train service to reactivate your SmartRider. You will then be able to use your SmartRider for parking the following day.

For further information regarding the trial of the new SmartRider Pay'n'Display parking machines, contact David Montgomery (Project Manager) on 9326 2964. 







Posted on Monday, 15 October 2007


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