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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Transperth Zone Boundary changes

Effective: Sunday 25 November 2007

On Sunday 25 November 2007, Transperth will implement changes to the current zone boundaries.

These zone changes include realigning set zone distances from Perth city and the removal of artificial zones on selected bus services such as the CircleRoute (route 98 & 99). This means that passengers boarding and alighting these services within the same zone (regardless of crossing over a zone boundary) will only be charged a 1 Zone fare.

These zone changes will provide Transperth passengers with a fair, simple and consistent zone boundary and fare system. 

Timetables are being updated in future reprints to reflect the new zone boundaries. Click here to view the new Zone Boundary Map (Effective: Sunday 25 November 2007).

Please use the Transperth JourneyPlanner to see to see if you are affected by these changes by following these steps:

  1. Plan your journey using the JourneyPlanner
  2. Click on 'Show/hide fare information'
  3. The fare table will indicate that you are affected by the zone change. For example, '* Zone change - 7' indicates that your journey will be charged a 7 Zone fare.

For further information on the zone boundary changes, call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 (TTY: 9428 1999, TIS: 13 14 50).




Posted on Friday, 16 November 2007


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