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Perth CAT Live Times

The Perth Central Area Transit's (CAT) are free and high frequency services that operate in the Perth CBD. 

All CATs are colour-coded for your convenience and operate around the Perth CBD as follows:

  • The Red CAT travels in an East-West loop from Queens Gardens in East Perth to Outram St in West Perth.
  • The Blue CAT travels in a North-South loop from the Barrack Street Jetty to Northbridge.
  • The Yellow CAT operates in a loop from East Perth to West Perth.
  • The Green CAT operates from Leederville to the Esplanade Busport via West Perth.

To see when a CAT service is due at any stop along its route, you can use the online CAT Live Times below*.

Alternatively, to view the service frequency for CAT services, click here to download a copy of the timetable.

*Passengers should be aware that advertised frequencies and arrival times are subject to fluctuation due to traffic, weather and loading conditions.

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