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UPDATE: Routes 202 and 203 – service disruption (Effective until 8 August 2011)

From Monday 8 August, routes 202 and 203 will return to their normal routes to travel via Reginald St and Whitlock Rd (East Cannington). 

Routes 24, 27, 28, 103 and Red CAT – service deviation (Effective 7 August 2011)

From first service until 4.00pm on Sunday 7 August 2011, the routes listed above will deviate due to the closure of Nelson Cres, between Hale St and Horatio St.

UPDATE: All Train lines - service disruptions (Effective 3 August 2011 at 4.55pm)

Train services have resumed timetabled services. Transperth thanks passengers for their patience during this disruption.

All Train lines - service disruptions (Effective immediately, 3 August 2011 at 2.50pm)

Train services on all lines are currently experiencing delays due to a previous power failure. Trains are operating however passengers may experience delays.

Routes 30, 34, 85, 95, 102, 881 and 940 - service deviations (Effective 2-4 August 2011)

From 8.00pm until last service between Tuesday 2 August and Thursday 4 August 2011, the above mentioned routes will deviate due to the closure of Wellington St between William St and Barrack St.

Routes 376 and 379 - service deviation (Effective: 5 - 8 August 2011)
   From 7.00pm on Friday 5 August until 5.00am on Monday 8 August 2011, routes 376 and 379 will deviate due to the partial closure of Mirrabooka Av. 

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