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Railway Stakes Super Saturday

Saturday 24 November 2012
Ascot Racecourse

Travel to Ascot Racecourse with Transperth

To plan your journey, visit the Transperth Journey Planner at or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

Event and ticket information 

The Railway Stakes will be held at Ascot Racecourse on Saturday 24 November 2012.

To travel on Transperth bus, train and ferry services you need to buy a ticket. Transperth offers a range of tickets to meet the needs of you and your family including concession, DayRider and FamilyRider tickets, or use your SmartRider for great value fares.

Just make sure you choose the right one for you. Click here for Transperth ticket and fare price information.

The following Transperth services will operate on the day:


Timetabled train services will operate before, during and after the races.

To event: Thornlie Line services stop at Belmont Park Station between 9.15am and 1.30pm.

From event: Transperth will also provide train services from Belmont Park Station following the event between 3.45pm and 8.15pm.

Timetabled train services will operate on the Armadale/Thornlie, Joondalup and Midland lines before, during and after the Railway Stakes.  Services on the Mandurah Line will operate between Perth Underground Station and Rockingham, with train replacement buses running between Rockingham and Mandurah. Click here for more information. 


Timetabled bus services will operate across the Transperth network.

The CircleRoute buses service Ascot Racecourse, with the 98 travelling clockwise and the 99 anti-clockwise.  The service operates every 30 minutes until approx. 6.30pm.

To plan your journey to the Railway Stakes, use the Transperth JourneyPlanner or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

A frequent private charter service, numbered Route 698, will depart from the Esplanade Bus Port (Stand B7) every 15 minutes from 9am until 2.00pm.  This bus will also pick up at Wellington Street Bus Station (Stand C5), Belmont Racecourse Car Park, Belmont Park Station, Burswood Station and travel through to Ascot Racecourse.  Return services from Ascot will commence at 3.30pm.

For more information on private shuttle bus services, please call Perth Racing on 9277 0777.

Posted on Wednesday, 21 November 2012)

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