Transperth Fares

Everything you need to know about our fare system.

How Transperth fares work

Our fare system uses a combination of zones and time limits. Usually, one fare lets you travel anywhere within a certain distance of your starting point until the time limit expires, on any combination of bus, train or ferry services.

As part of the WA Government's COVID-19 household support package, Transperth fares will not increase for the 2020-21 financial year.

Time limits

If you buy a cash ticket, it will have an expiry time printed on it. You can ride on any number of bus, train or ferry services to complete your journey provided you get on board before the expiry time. Please note, the exception to this is the two-section fare, which is one of our special tickets and fares.

Using SmartRider, the system detects your location, does the time calculations and deducts the correct fare from your card balance. All you need do is remember to tag on and off.

The expiry time depends on the number of zones covered by your cash ticket, or the number of zones you travel between tagging on and off with your SmartRider.

  • Two hours for a journey of one to four zones
  • Three hours for a journey of five or more zones.

A two-section ticket is valid for a single one-way journey.

Examples of how fares work

Learn more about zones and time limits with these examples of how fares work.


Zones are circular bands, each between eight and 10 kilometres wide, with Perth city in the centre.

Except for special tickets and fares, the fare you pay depends on the number of zones your journey covers. For example, for a journey that starts and finishes in the same zone (without crossing a zone boundary), you pay a one-zone fare. If your journey starts in one zone and ends in the next, you pay a two-zone fare.

For details of the zones that make up our public transport network, download our Zone Map.

Fares effective 1 July 2020

Standard Fares

Fare Type Cash SmartRider
10% Discount
20% Discount
2 Sections $2.20 $1.98 $1.76
1 Zone $3.20 $2.88 $2.56
2 Zones $4.90 $4.41 $3.92
3 Zones $5.80 $5.22 $4.64
4 Zones $6.90 $6.21 $5.52
5 Zones  $8.50 $7.65 $6.80
6 Zones $9.60 $8.64 $7.68
7 Zones $11.30 $10.17 $9.04
8 Zones $12.20 $10.98 $9.76
9 Zones $13.10 $11.79 $10.48
DayRider* $13.10 $13.10 $13.10
FamilyRider* $13.10    


Concession Fares 

Fare Type Cash SmartRider
10% Discount
20% Discount
2 Sections $1.00 $0.90 $0.80
1 Zone $1.40 $1.26 $1.12
2 Zones $2.10 $1.89 $1.68
3 Zones $2.50 $2.25 $2.00
4 Zones $3.00 $2.70 $2.40
5 Zones $3.70 $3.33 $2.96
6 Zones $4.10 $3.69 $3.28
7 Zones $4.90 $4.41 $3.92
8 Zones $5.20 $4.68 $4.16
9 Zones $5.60 $5.04 $4.48
DayRider* $5.60 $4.48 $4.48
Student** NA 70c 70c

All fares GST inclusive. Fares calculated are rounded to the nearest whole cent based on normal rounding convention.

*DayRider and FamilyRider tickets have time restrictions on when they can be purchased. Visit the special fares page form for more information.

** The Student fare is available Monday to Friday from the first to the last school day of the year. Students will be charged a concession fare based on the zones travelled on Saturday, Sunday and during the Summer school holidays.


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