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Russell Brand Show

Sunday 2 December 2012
Perth Arena
Doors open at 6.30pm

Travel to and from Perth Arena with Transperth



To plan your journey, click here for the Transperth JourneyPlanner or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

Event and ticket information

The Russell Brand show will be held at the new Perth Arena on Sunday 2 December 2012.

Your ticket to the show includes travel on all Transperth services for three hours before, during and for three hours after the event. Simply show your ticket to the driver or inspector.

*Patrons collecting tickets at the venue are entitled to travel on Transperth services from the event only so will need to purchase tickets for their journey to the event. Post-event travel is subject to last timetabled services.

The following Transperth services will operate for the show:

To event

Catch the train into Perth Station or Perth Undergound Station which is a short walk to Perth Arena.

From event

Catch the train from Perth Station or Perth Underground Station which is a short walk from Perth Arena.

Please note that the event is now finishing at 10.00pm (instead of 10.30pm). The special event services will therefore be leaving later due to the early finish.

Joondalup Line: Platform 1, Perth Underground Station**

  • 10.15pm: Joondalup timetabled service
  • 10.45pm: Joondalup timetabled service
  • 11.00pm: Special event service.

**Joondalup Line passengers please note: Trains will be cancelled between Stirling and Whitfords stations due to track works. Train replacement buses will be operating between Stirling and Whitfords. Click here for more information.

Mandurah Line: Platform 2, Perth Underground Station

  • 10.15pm: Mandurah timetabled service
  • 10.45pm: Mandurah timetabled service
  • 11.00pm: Special event service.

Armadale Line: Platform 6, Perth Station



  • 10.32pm: Armadale timetabled service, *C Pattern
  • 11.02pm: Armadale timetabled service, stopping all stations
  • 11.10pm: Special event service, stopping all stations. 

Midland Line: Platform 7, Perth Station 

  • 10.30pm: Midland timetabled service
  • 11.00pm: Midland timetabled service 
  • 11.10pm: Special event service.

Fremantle Line: Platform 5, Perth Station

  • 10.30pm: Fremantle timetabled service, *L Pattern
  • 10.48pm: Special event service, stopping all stations
  • 11.00pm: Fremantle timetabled service, *K Pattern
  • 11.10pm: Special event service, stopping all stations.

Thornlie Line: Platform 4, Perth Station

  • 10.24pm: Thornlie timetabled service
  • 10.54pm: Thornlie timetabled service.

*C Pattern stops at McIver, Claisebrook, Oats Street, Cannington, Beckenham and all stations to Armadale.
*L Pattern does not stop at Grant St and Loch St. 
*K Pattern does not stop at Karrakatta and Swanbourne.


Timetabled bus services will operate across the Transperth network according to a Sunday timetable.

To plan your journey, click here for the Transperth JourneyPlanner or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

Posted on Friday, 30 November 2012)

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