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Adding value to your SmartRider card

You can add value to your SmartRider in a number of ways.

These include:

  • Autoload
  • Add-value machines
  • BPAY
  • On board buses and ferries
  • Transperth InfoCentres
  • Authorised SmartRider Retail Outlets.

A minimum value of $10 must be added to your SmartRider card at the time of purchase. This is in addition to the card purchase fee. If you do not have a minimum cash two-section fare amount on your SmartRider card when commencing your journey, you will not be able to tag on. If this occurs, you will be required to add value to your SmartRider card or you can purchase a cash ticket.

The minimum cash two-section balance is not required for seniors free travel or when transferring between services within the normal time periods for that journey.

SmartRider provides either a 15% or 25% discount - depending on the type of add-value method used. The 25% discount is only available for autoload cardholders (discounted fares are rounded to the nearest whole cent based on normal rounding convention).

No further discount applies to the already discounted 50 cent student fare.

Value on your SmartRider is non-refundable. If your registered SmartRider is lost or stolen, the value can be transferred to a replacement card. Click here to learn about registering your SmartRider.

  • Autoload
  • AVM's
  • On Board
  • BPay
  • InfoCentres
  • SmartRider card values
Minimum and maximum add value amounts 


Minimum - $20
Maximum - $250

Add-Value Machines

Minimum - $10
Maximum - $250

On board (bus/ferry)

Minimum - $10
Maximum - $50


Minimum - $20
Maximum - $250*

Transperth InfoCentres

Minimum - $10
Maximum - $250

SmartRider Retail Sales Outlets

Minimum - $10
Maximum - $250

*Your SmartRider will not be in credit until such time that money is actually transferred.

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