SmartRider Upgrade Project 

SmartRider has been considered one of the most effective cashless public transport ticketing systems in the world since its introduction to the Transperth network in 2007. The system has truly transformed the way we travel in Perth.

As Transperth continues to grow and expand, the SmartRider upgrade has been established to oversee a major public investment in upgrading the hardware and software operating systems and will support the changing needs of our passengers well into the future.

The SmartRider Upgrade Project will include the following changes and upgrades:

  • Installation of new ticketing hardware including new-generation SmartRider Validators and Add Value Machines
  • New SmartRider cards with improved functionality
  • An improved account system
  • More flexible payment options, including the ability to pay by tagging on and tagging off using a credit card, debit card or a mobile device.

Upgrade Timeline

The upgrades will roll out in a staged approach and pilot testing will commence over the coming months to collect passenger feedback on new systems before launching them network-wide.

The first stage of testing, commencing in late 2023, will include the rollout of the new SmartRider Validators at Claisebrook, East Perth, Perth City, Glendalough, and Warwick stations as well as onboard 10 buses in the northern suburbs.

Additionally, the testing of the new Add Value Machines has already started at Warwick and Joondalup stations. 

Passenger Insights and Testing

Transperth will select active public transport users to help test the new SmartRider Validators.

Additionally, other passengers can test and provide feedback on the new SmartRider Validators by completing a survey via a QR code on the devices and be in the running to win a $200 value added to their SmartRider.

Anyone can use the new Add Value Machines (which also sell standard SmartRiders) and provide feedback using the QR code located on the machine. Participants will also be in the running to receive a $200 value added to their SmartRider.

For Project Information please visit Public Transport Authority. 


Where can I find SmartRider Upgrade Project updates?

Progress updates will be shared on this page as the upgrade develops.

The most up-to-date information about Transperth ticketing, SmartRider and Autoload is always available on the Transperth website.

What is the purpose of the pilot?

To assess the useability of the new SmartRider Validators (Bus Validators, Platform Validators and Gate Validators) and Add Value Machines across a broad cross-section of SmartRider users. 

How can passengers become a part of the pilot program?

Selected passengers will be invited to participate in the pilot program – largely based on a history of tagging and off at pilot locations.

Additionally, any passengers can provide feedback by scanning the prominently placed QR code near the SmartRider Validators and Add Value Machines.

Have passengers who require accessibility been invited to participate in the pilot?

Yes. The accessibility of any new or upgraded systems is a priority for the SmartRider Upgrade Project and disability groups will be invited to provide feedback on the useability of new devices throughout pilot testing.

When will the SmartRider Upgrade Project be completed?

An exact completion date for the SmartRider Upgrade Project cannot be confirmed at this time due to the complex nature of the rollout and the importance of rigorous testing.

Functionality will be rolled out in stages over 2024-25 and passengers will be given plenty of notice before any changes come into effect.

What is new about the Add Value Machines?

The new machines feature a modern design, boasting an improved user experience with a vibrant colour screen and enhanced navigation. Additionally, these machines offer the convenience of purchasing a new SmartRider card directly.

SmartRiders will be available for $10 each, and you will be required to load a minimum of $10 onto your card during the purchase.

What is the difference between the new SmartRider validators and the old ones?

The upgraded validators feature a contemporary design with significantly larger screens, enhancing readability for passengers. 

The new validators will also allow you to tag on and off with your bank card once the back-office system for this has been implemented. This will be completed at a future stage in the upgrade.

Where are the new Add Value Machines being piloted?

At Warwick and Joondalup Stations.

Warwick station will feature a card payment-only Add Value Machines.

Joondalup Station will feature a card and cash payment system.

You can purchase a new SmartRider from both Add Value Machines.

Can I purchase a new SmartRider from the new Add Value Machine?

Yes, you can purchase a new SmartRider from these machines. The cards will be available for $10 each, and it's necessary to load a minimum of $10 onto your SmartRider during the purchase process.

Will the Add Value Machine accept all credit or debit cards?

The new payment terminal exclusively accepts Mastercard and Visa cards with chips. Older EFTPOS cards and those with magnetic strips will not be compatible.

These machines will support contactless payments only and entering a PIN will not be required.

Can I use my phone to add value with a credit card?

Yes, these new machines feature updated technology compared to the original Add Value Machines. This enhanced technology allows you to conveniently add value by simply tapping your credit/debit card or mobile device for payment.

When will these be installed across the Transperth network?

The deployment of the new machines will take place in a phased manner following the successful pilot phase. The rollout of these machines is expected to commence and be completed during the first half of 2024.

Which stations are part of the SmartRider Validator pilot and why were those selected?

East Perth, Claisebrook, Glendalough, Warwick and Perth stations will have selected devices updated to the new hardware.

These stations allow for a mix of the types of validators being tested and ensure that there is a significant number of passengers using the readers.

Is it possible for me to participate in the pilot using my current SmartRider?

Yes. At this stage, we will only test the new SmartRider Validators and Add Value Machines with the existing SmartRiders. 

Will there be any bus services included in the SmartRider Validator pilot?

Yes, there will be 10 buses installed with new bus validators. These buses operate in the northern suburbs.

Bus Routes 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 450, 387, 388, 423, 425, 427 and 428.


Do you require more information?

Please call our Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

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