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Lost, stolen, damaged or faulty SmartRider cards

Lost or stolen SmartRiders

If you have a registered SmartRider and it is lost or stolen, you should report it to Transperth as soon as possible. Call the Transperth InfoLine 13 62 13 (TTY: 9428 1999) or visit a Transperth InfoCentre. Card replacement fees apply.

Note: If your SmartRider card is not registered, any value stored on the card will be lost with the card if it is lost or stolen.

Click here to find out how to transfer the value on your lost SmartRider to a replacement SmartRider.

Damaged or faulty SmartRiders

If your SmartRider card is faulty and it is determined that the fault is not as a result of misuse, a replacement card will be issued free of charge.

If the card is damaged as a result of misuse, normal SmartRider card replacement fees apply. The new card will have the previous stored value and any concession entitlements transferred onto it.

To obtain a replacement for a damaged or faulty SmartRider card, you will need to present the damaged/faulty card at a Transperth InfoCentre.

Looking after your SmartRider card

Like a bank or credit card, you should keep your SmartRider card safe and secure. Do not bend your card and avoid exposure to extreme heat (such as clothes dryers), static electricity and water.

SmartRider should not be punctured for purposes of attaching a clip as this will damage the aerial and microchip.

Card refunds

The SmartRider card fee or any subsequent added value can not be refunded or transferred. The SmartRider card fee or any added value are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person's SmartRider.

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