Escalator Replacement Project

From April 2017 you might notice some works taking place at Elizabeth Quay Station and Perth Underground. These works are part of our Escalator Replacement Program, which involves replacing a number of escalators at both stations, installing new lifts and amending existing staircase layouts. 

To minimise disruption to passengers the majority of work will take place at night. 

Perth Underground

From late July, two escalators at Perth Underground Station running from concourse level to Murray St will be out of service. During this time, there will be restricted access to Murry St from Perth Underground as the number of open escalators will halve.

Passengers are encouraged to exit Perth Underground via the 140 William fare gates as an alternative way out to Murray and William streets.

Work is still in progress at the centre of the platform to upgrade the escalator running from the centre of the Station platform to the centre of the concourse. This will be out of service from early June until late-2018. Hoarding around the work site will reduce the width of the central area of the platform.

Passengers using a mobility aid who plan to exit the train at Perth Underground Station should avoid boarding at the centre of the platform near the third carriage of the train.

Check the Perth Underground Station map here.

Elizabeth Quay Station

Two new escalators are now open at the southern (Mandurah) end of Elizabeth Quay Station between the platform and concourse. Works are currently underway to replace the two escalators at the northern (City) end of Elizabeth Quay Station.

Hoarding will be in place around the work site reducing the platform width. Passengers using a mobility aid who plan to exit the train at Elizabeth Quay should avoid travelling in the following carriages:

  • Mandurah Line passengers should not board the first and second carriage of the train
  • Perth and Joondalup Line passengers should not board the last and second last carriage of the train.

Check the Elizabeth Quay Station map here.

For more information and regular updates on the project head to the PTA website.

For special assistance call 1800 800 022 an hour before you intent to travel.

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