Surfboards and Boogie Boards

Guidelines for bringing your surfboard or boogie board on our services.

General guidelines

  • Make sure there is no sand or any other debris on your board.
  • There needs to be enough room for your board.
  • If the bus, train or ferry is full, we can ask you to get off and wait for the next one.
  • Avoid obscuring the vision of bus drivers.
  • Avoid blocking other passengers with your board.
  • Avoid causing other passengers any inconvenience or discomfort with your board.

Allowed board length

  • On trains, up to 2.0 metres.
  • On most buses, up to 1.2 metres.
  • On bus Route 990 only, up to 2.0 metres.
  • On ferries, up to 2.0 metres at the discretion of the ferry master.

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