Bicycles on Transperth Services

Although we love bikes there are some restrictions.

We encourage you to use your bike for transport

Unfortunately, peak time congestion, space limitations and safety considerations mean there are a few restrictions.

Trains - bikes OK outside peak travel times

At most times, you are welcome to bring your bike with you anywhere on our train network. The exceptions are the three city stations during morning and afternoon peak times, inbound trains during the morning peak, and outbound trains during the afternoon peak. 

Ferries - bikes OK in the four spaces on each ferry

There are parking spaces for four bicycles on each ferry. When these are full, wait for another ferry. Please let other passengers board first and put your bike in the right place rather than alongside the seats.

Buses - sorry, no bikes

Our buses, including train replacement buses, have no room for normal bicycles or power-assisted bicycles. For information about fold-up electric scooters, folding bikes and unicycles, see below.

Perth, Perth Underground and Elizabeth Quay Stations

No bicycles are allowed to enter Perth, Perth Underground or Elizabeth Quay stations, Monday to Friday, during;

  • Morning peak of 7:00 am to 9:00 am.
  • Afternoon peak of 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The closest alternative stations are City West, Canning Bridge, Leederville and McIver. If you are heading out of the city during the morning peak, take your bike to one of those stations and board a train there. Coming into the city during the afternoon peak, get off the train at City West, Canning Bridge, Leederville or McIver and ride in.

Trains travelling towards Perth

No bicycles are allowed on trains going towards Perth between;

  • 7:00am and 9:00am Monday to Friday.

Trains travelling away from Perth

No bicycles are allowed on trains going away from Perth between;

  • 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm Monday to Friday

On-board etiquette

  • Your bike is your responsibility.
  • If a carriage is full, try a different one or wait for another train rather than force your way in.
  • Avoid blocking entrances with your bike.
  • Never leave your bike unattended where it can fall or be knocked over.
  • Trains have priority areas for seniors, people in wheelchairs and parents with prams. You may use these areas, but should make them available to people who need them.

Special event services

Because of congestion on special event services, we may refuse you entry with a bicycle or ask you to disembark.  

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Power-assisted bicycles

If you have a power-assisted bicycle similar in size, weight and appearance to a standard bicycle and with a small enclosed electric auxiliary motor, we regard it as a standard bicycle. The same freedoms and restrictions apply. 

Folding bicycles and electric scooters

If your folding bicycle or scooter has small wheels and is in a bag no more than 86cm long, 68cm high and 36cm wide, you may carry it on any bus, train or ferry service. Please consider your fellow passengers by keeping your folding bike out of aisles and off seats that others need. 



Space permitting, you may carry a chainless unicycle on any bus, train or ferry. Please consider your fellow passengers by keeping your unicycle out of aisles and off seats that others need.

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