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Journey Planner Results

The results page shows you the various trip options that have been selected by the system. The system always selects the trip that will arrive at your selected destination at the earliest time after the time you have selected. Scroll down to look at the various options offered to choose your preferred trip.

How to plan a trip using the Transperth Journey Planner

The 'From' and 'To' fields may be used in several ways:
  1. Enter the street number and name (e.g. 6 Smith) plus the suburb name (if known); or
  2. Enter the street intersection (e.g. Murray and King) plus the suburb name (if known); or
  3. Leave street name blank and enter Landmark name in the suburb field (e.g. Carousel Shopping Centre)
  4. Leave street name blank and enter a suburb name only (This is not as precise as options 1-3 above); or
  5. Enter the stop number (e.g. 1234)

Helpful hints:
  1. Searching by road intersections (e.g. Kooyong and Chamberlain) returns more accurate results as compared to street numbers, especially for long roads.
  2. If the streets are near a suburb boundary, it may be better not to include a suburb name.
  3. Landmarks include major destinations in Perth (e.g. shopping centres, schools, churches, train stations, universities and hospitals, etc). Enter these in the suburb field for a quick match.

Mode of transport

The system default is to provide the best journey result using all three travel mode options (i.e. bus, train and ferry). If you only want to travel by one mode, (e.g. train), then uncheck the bus and ferry options. The school bus option is for dedicated school bus services only. These services are only to be used by students travelling to a specified school. Not all schools are listed as a landmark (e.g. Como High School). If you are not sure of the correct name of the school, enter the suburb name that the school is in and search through the list to find the appropriate school.

Trip confirmation

The confirmation box shows various 'From' and 'To' address options sorted in alphabetical order. Scroll down and select the best option.

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