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Run for a Reason

Sun 27 May

Your registration for Run for a Reason includes travel on all Transperth services until 3pm. Simply wear your event bib.

In addition to timetabled services, the following special event services will operate on the day:

To event

Half Marathon

Stopping all stations to Perth Underground

Train Lines      
Joondalup Line Departs Butler:
5.23am and 5.38am
Departs Clarkson:
5.28am and 5.43am 
Arrives Perth:
6am and 6.15am 
Mandurah Line Departs Mandurah:
5.06am and 5.20am
Departs Cockburn:
5.39am and 5.53am
Arrives Perth:
5.57am and 6.11am
Armadale Line Departs Armadale:
  Arrives Perth:
Midland Line Departs Midland:
  Arrives Perth:
Fremantle Line Departs Fremantle:
  Arrives Perth:


12km and 4km

Joondalup Line, stopping all stations to Perth Underground

Departs Butler Departs Clarkson Arrives Perth Underground
6.04am 6.09am 6.41am
6.12am 6.17am 6.49am
6.19am 6.24am 6.56am
  6.30am 7.02am
6.31am 6.36am 7.08am
  6.42am 7.14am
6.43am 6.48am 7.20am
  6.53am 7.25am
6.54am 6.59am 7.31am
  7.04am 7.36am
7.05am 7.10am 7.42am
7.11am 7.16am 7.48am

Mandurah Line, stopping all stations to Perth

Departs Mandurah Departs Cockburn Arrives Perth Underground
5.52am 6.25am 6.43am
6.00am 6.33am 6.51am
6.08am 6.41am 6.59am
6.18am 6.51am 7.09am
6.29am 7.02am 7.20am
6.36am 7.09am 7.27am
6.46am 7.19am 7.37am
6.57am 7.30am 7.48am
7.03am 7.36am


Armadale Line, stopping all stations to Perth

Departs Armadale Arrives Perth Station
 6.08am  6.47am 
 6.18am  6.57am
 6.31am  7.10am
 6.41am  7.20am
 6.53am  7.32am
 7.04am  7.43am
 7.15am  7.54am

Midland Line, stopping all stations to Perth

Departs Midland Arrives Perth Station
 6.30am   6.55am 
 6.40am  7.05am
 6.50am  7.15am
 7.00am  7.25am
 7.10am  7.35am
 7.20am  7.45am
 7.30am  7.55am

 Fremantle Line, stopping all stations to Perth

Departs Fremantle Arrives Perth Station
6.30am 6.58am
6.40am 7.08am
6.50am 7.18am
7.00am 7.28am
7.10am 7.38am
7.20am 7.48am
7.30am 7.58am

Thornlie Line, stopping all stations to Perth

Departs Thornlie Arrives Perth Station
 7.01am  7.24am
 7.16am  7.39am
 7.46am  8.09am

From event


If you're travelling with a pram or pushchair please ensure they are folded before you board the bus.

From approximately 8am, Transperth will provide shuttle buses for participants to travel from the finish line at Gloucester Park back to Perth Busport. Buses will depart Hale Street which is right near the finish line and drop off at Perth Busport.

Spectators wishing to travel to the finish line will be able to board shuttle buses departing approximately every 15 minutes from Perth Busport and travel to Gloucester Park from between approximately 7.00am and 8.45am.

For more information see Service Disruptions or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13
(TIS: 13 14 50). Hearing or speech impaired? Call via NRS 133 677 and ask for 13 62 13.

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