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Lock ‘n’ Ride Bike Shelter Upgrade

Transperth is currently installing a new system to access Lock ‘n’ Ride Bike Shelters across the train system.

Passengers will now be able to easily and securely use their SmartRider card to enter the shelters throughout the day and not be restricted by the current access hours. Best of all, bike parking in the Lock ‘n’ Ride Bike Shelters will still be FREE.

Passengers who cycle to a station on a regular basis are encouraged to register their SmartRider for access to the shelter.

Once the new system has been scheduled for installation at your station, Transperth will contact you and advise you of the commencement date.

How to register your SmartRider card for access to Lock 'n' Ride Shelters

Users will only be able to access the shelter by registering for the new system and cyclists will not be able to gain entry into the shelter without a SmartRider card registered for the service. Other bicycle parking areas will still be available at stations such as u-rails and bicycle lockers. 

1. Register for TravelEasy, Transperth's portal for accessing and managing our online services.
2. Link your SmartRider card to your TravelEasy account to gain access to your 'My SmartRider' self service portal.   
3. On the 'My SmartRider' page you can then request access to a maximum of two Lock 'n' ride Bike Shelters on the Transperth network.

How to access the shelter

Once you have registered for the service and your nominated Lock ‘n’ Ride Bike Shelter has the new access system installed, you can access the shelter by following this simple steps:

1. Locate the Bike Vending Machine near the Bike Shelter entrance
2. Press the yellow button where present (not required at Fremantle Stn and Bull Creek Stn shelters)
3. Present your SmartRider card to the target shown on the machine
4. The shelter door will unlock automatically

To exit the shelter, you simply need to release the lock on the inside of the shelter and the door will unlock automatically. Please ensure the door is properly locked behind you upon exiting.

What to do if you lose your SmartRider

If you lose your SmartRider and it was registered for the Lock ‘n’ Ride Bike Shelter service, you’ll need help from one of our staff members to access your bike.  You’ll need to show an acceptable form of photo ID and be able to unlock your own bike. 
For security reasons, our staff member will also record your personal details and bike details.

Please Note

Users remain responsible for locking their bicycles inside the shelter as Transperth accepts no liability for theft or damage to property while in the facility.
Access to the Lock 'n' Ride Bike Shelter can take up to three working days from when the form is submitted.

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