Use Your Brains Around Trains

To stay safe while around our train network, we all need to use our brains around trains. Train stations and electrified train lines can be dangerous, so to help you, your family and your friends stay safe here are a few shocking facts everyone needs to know:

Stick to the walkways, platforms and overpasses

Trains are virtually silent, so you won’t hear them coming.

Never enter the rail area, and always use designated walkways and overpasses to cross the train line.

Keep long objects away from overhead lines to avoid being zapped at 25,000 volts. 

Trains travel at up to 130kmh so there is never a good reason or a safe time to enter the rail area. Apart from being fined, you risk being hit by a train.

If you ever drop anything onto the tracks, find a Transperth staff member or call 13 62 13. 


Some facts about your new train line may shock you

Shocking Facts

Fact 1: 25,000 volts

Trains are powered by 25,000 volts of electricity which, if transferred to you, is the equivalent of 100 homes of electricity instantly entering your body and the outcome is fatal. Always stay within designated walkways, behind the yellow line, and never enter the rail area.

Fact 2: Electricity Jumps

​​You don’t have to touch a wire for the electricity to transfer across and kill you. Always keep a safe distance from the overhead wires and supporting poles and stand behind the yellow line.

Fact 3: Virtually Silent

​​You won’t hear trains coming. Therefore, never ever enter the rail area and always stick to designated walkways, platforms and overpasses. Apart from being slapped with a large fine, you risk being struck and killed by a train.

Looking for more information on safety around trains?

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