Infringement Notices

If you commit an offence, you may receive an Infringement Notice under the Public Transport Authority Regulations 2003.

We ask you to observe the following rules when using Transperth services.

  • Possess a valid ticket at all times and show it upon request.
  • Concession ticket passengers must carry proof of concession and supply it upon request.
  • Offer your seat to passengers with special needs, for example seniors, people with a disability and parents carrying small children.
  • If you are using the student fare, you should stand for adults.
  • Be courteous to your fellow passengers. We have a no-tolerance approach to offensive behaviour.
  • When riding on a bus, stay out of the cab area. Refrain from speaking to the driver while the bus is moving.
  • When riding on a train, move down the carriage and keep doorways clear.
  • If you use a personal audio device, always use earphones keep the volume low.
  • After 7.00pm you may alight anywhere along a bus route where it is safe to pull up. Please advise the driver well beforehand.
  • Please keep your feet and anything that may cause damage off seats.
  • No smoking on any Transperth property. This includes the use of e-cigarettes and similar vapour based products.
  • No eating or drinking on Transperth bus, trains or ferries.
  • Animals are not allowed on any of our services, or at facilities such as train stations. The only exception is assistance dogs who meet the criteria outlined in the Animals section.

If you receive an Infringement Notice

An Infringement Notice includes details of how to pay your fine, and what to do if you want to challenge it.

If you don’t pay your fine on time, we may refer the matter to the Fines Enforcement Registry, and your motor vehicle or driver’s licence could be suspended. If the infringement process reaches this stage, you may face additional costs.


Examples of offences and fines

On the spot fine Maximum penalty
No valid ticket $100 $500
Smoking on a bus, train or at a station $100 $500
Consuming alcohol on a bus, train or at a
$100 $500
Behave in a manner to cause nuisance   $100 $500
Bicycles on trains during restricted hours  $100 $2000
Damage conveyance or station  $200  $2000 
Placing feet on seats of conveyance  $100  $500
Obstructing authorised person  $200 $1000
Interfere with property  $200  $2000
Continuing to travel when travel has been
$200  $2000
Possess explosive, syringe, firearm, controlled
or prohibited weapon as per Weapons Act 1999 
$200  $2000
Possess tool, device, substance or apparatus
capable of graffiti or mark property 
$100 $500

Infringement enquiries and payments

ServiceContactDetails Infringement enquiries only

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Pay Online

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To pay your infringement online


Public Transport Authority
Transperth Train Operations
PO Box 383
Northbridge WA 6865

Enquiries and Payments

(cheques and money orders)


08 9326 2615

Please note that it is a legal requirement that all appeals be submitted either in writing via regular mail or email

Enquiries and Payments
Mon - Fri excluding public holidays
8.30am - 4.30pm
In person

At any Transperth InfoCentre. See InfoCentres for locations

Transwa booking office at East Perth Public Transport Centre or Armadale or Midland Train Stations


Pay a fine

Got a fine? You can pay your fine online.

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