Getting Started

Transperth is Perth's public transport network. Bringing our city’s greatest attractions within easy reach, while going easy on your wallet. With this handy information, you’ll be ready to explore the best of Perth by bus, train and ferry.

Journey Planning

Before you head out for the day, use the JourneyPlanner feature online or via our app (available for Android and iOS). JourneyPlanner will provide you with useful details like how much you’ll need to pay and what service you’ll need to take.

Transperth App

If you’re travelling around the Perth metropolitan area, we recommend that you download the free app onto your phone. With this app, you can:

  • Find the next services from any bus stop, train station or jetty
  • Plan your journey and view it on a map
  • Track your bus, train or ferry in real-time
  • Save your favourite journeys for quick access to timetable information
  • View service disruptions and fare information. 


When travelling with Transperth, you have the option to buy a cash ticket, or a SmartRider card. Both can be used across all services, but please keep in mind that ferry and train fares must be purchased prior to travel, while bus fares can be paid as you board.


These reusable, non-refundable cards are the cheapest and most convenient way to travel with Transperth, giving you a 10% discount off the cash fare. You can buy a SmartRider at a Transperth InfoCentre or from one of the many Retail Sales Outlets across Perth. A Standard SmartRider costs $20, giving you $10 of travel.

Cash Tickets

These can be purchased from ticket machines at train stations, ferry jetties, and from bus drivers. In addition to single trip tickets, there are also cost-saving DayRider or FamilyRider tickets available for groups.

FamilyRider tickets can be purcahsed for up to seven people (two standard and five concession) and provide unlimited travel on the day of purchase. DayRider tickets give you unlimited travel on the day you buy it. Visit Tickets and Fares for more information.

Travel Free

Perth City has a Free Transit Zone (FTZ) for buses and a SmartRider FTZ for trains.


The FTZ logo on bus stops identifies the boundaries of the zone. To travel free without a ticket, you must start and finish your journey within the zone.


To travel free on trains you must use a SmartRider card, start and finish your journey within the zone and tag on and off in the normal way. The boundaries of the zone are City West Station, Elizabeth Quay Station and Claisebrook Station.

CAT buses

Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are a great way to save on transport and explore the city. These buses are free and operate every five to 15 minutes depending on the route, time of day and day of the week.

Details of operating times are on all CAT stops. You may get on and off on our Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow CAT buses as often as you like without paying a fare.


As an alternate to the bus or train, there are also Transperth ferry services that travel across the Swan River between Elizabeth Quay and South Perth in around 10 minutes. To ride the ferry you must have a cash ticket or tag on with your SmartRider.

More information

Transperth InfoCentres

For over-the-counter service and information, you can visit InfoCentres at the following locations:

  • Airport Central Station
  • Elizabeth Quay Bus Station
  • Perth Busport
  • Perth Station
  • Perth Underground Station.

Staying Safe

Public transport in Perth is very safe, but if you need assistance, please speak to the nearest available staff member or press the emergency buttons located at all bus and train stations and on-board train services. Find out more about Transperth security.

Need assistance? If you require special assistance at a train station, call 1800 800 022 at least an hour before you intend to travel.


Getting to and from the Airport

Terminals 1 and 2

Take an Airport Line train to Airport Central Station which is connected to T1 and T2 via a Skybridge.

Terminals 3 and 4

Take an Airport Line train to Redcliffe Station and transfer to bus Route 292. 

Redcliffe Station is just 15 minutes from the CBD and a three-minute bus trip from T3 and T4. Route 292 operates every 12 minutes during peak and every 15 minutes off-peak and on weekends. 

Simple Tips

  • Always carry a valid fare to travel
  • No smoking on board or at bus and train stations
  • Don't eat or drink on board
  • Many events in Perth include Transperth travel, so check your ticket before you go.


Exploring the City

Service Updates