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Car parking at Transperth bus & train stations

Car parking at Transperth bus stations and interchanges

Whilst a reasonable level of car parking is provided at our facilities, Transperth puts a lot of effort into providing a fully integrated public transport network. This means that where there is demand, bus services will connect to major train stations and interchanges to provide a one-stop connecting journey.

In many cases, if your connecting bus is in the same zone you can will not have to pay additional fares. And as long as your ticket is valid, you can use the same ticket to transfer to other bus, train or ferry services.

  • Lock 'n' Ride car parks
  • Pay 'n' Display car parks
  • Paying for parking
Limited free parking is available at most stations or side streets adjacent to stations.Passengers should pay attention to signage around the parking facility to avoid an infringement notice.
New Parking Vending Machines
Transperth is currently installing new Parking Vending Machines (PVM’s) at all stations. Once the new machines are working at your station you can continue to pay for parking using your SmartRider, however funds will be deducted from your SmartRider straight away. Please ensure you have sufficient credit to pay for parking.

Please click here to download the Pay 'n' Display brochure.

If you're a regular user of Park 'n' Ride facilities you might find that parking is at a premium, especially during the peak hours.

Much of the car park is full before 8.30am, which results in many commuters parking illegally, only to return to their vehicle later in the day to discover an infringement notice on their windscreen.

You can avoid the parking hassles and associated infringements by taking advantage of Transperth's regular connecting bus services either directly into the city or to the interchanges to connect with the high frequency train services. So, use the bus to catch the train and use the same valid bus ticket to transfer between services.

To find out which convenient local services to catch use the JourneyPlanner, or contact the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 (TIS: 13 14 50). Hearing or speech impaired? Call via NRS 133 677 and ask for 13 62 13.


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