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Getting Started

Getting around Perth using public transport is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Plan your journey

Use the Transperth JourneyPlanner to help you plan your trip. If you know the train, bus or ferry service you want to travel on, use the links below to find the timetable:

   All Bus Timetables


 All Train Timetables
   All Ferry Timetables

Before you travel, check the latest service updates which may affect your journey. To find out more click here.

2. Buying your ticket

With a valid Transperth ticket, you can use any combination of bus, train and ferry services.  Transperth determines fares by dividing its service into zones.  There are nine Transperth zones which are defined by circles centred on Perth CBD.  Fares are calculated by the number of zones you travel through during your journey.  Your ticket doesn’t just entitle you to a single ride, it buys you up to three hours of travel on any Transperth bus, train or ferry service.  For more information about tickets and fares click here.

Transperth has two types of ticketing, SmartRider and cash tickets.

SmartRider – SmartRider is Transperth’s electronic ticketing system.  We recommend SmartRider as it always ensures that you pay the appropriate and lowest fare.  SmartRider cards have an initial purchase fee of $10 for standard and $5 for concession cards.  A minimum of $10 must be added to your SmartRider.  SmartRiders can be purchased at any Transperth InfoCentre or SmartRider Retail Sales Outlet.  For more information on SmartRider click here.

Cash tickets -   For bus travel, you can buy your cash ticket from the driver.  If you are using train services you can purchase tickets from the Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) located at all stations.  Ferry passengers can either purchase a ticket from the driver or use the TVM located at the jetty.

Remember to look after your ticket and ensure it is valid for your trip.   Also, remember to take the ticket with you when transferring between services.  Fines exist for those who are not carrying a valid ticket.

3. Get on Board

A few tips when using Transperth services:

  • Allow plenty of time to get to the train station, bus stop or ferry jetty.  It is recommended that you get to the station or stop at least five minutes before the scheduled departure of the service you wish to board.
  • Ensure you have a valid ticket.  If you are travelling with a SmartRider, make sure you ‘tag on’ and ‘tag off’ each service you use. 
  • If you have special needs and require assistance while using Transperth services please click here for further information.
  • At the end of your trip, remember to take all your belongings with you. If you do leave something behind you will need to contact the relevant service operator for assistance.  Click here for more information on lost property.
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