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Paid Parking Changes

Mon 11 Nov - Fri 13 Dec

From Monday 11 November we will begin replacing the Pay 'n' Display parking machines with new  Pay by Plate machines.

If you are using the new Pay by Plate machine you will need to enter your licence plate number into the machine. Like SmartParker the plate information is stored digitally, which eliminates the need for you to return to your vehicle with a ticket.

The new Pay by Plate machines can also by used to pay for parking via SmartParker, providing an alternative for passengers if the SmartParker machine is busy.

The new machines will be rolled out at all stations with parking except for Claremont, Seaforth and Swanbourne stations.

Additionally Fremantle and Murdoch stations will continue to accept payment via SmartRider only.

The machines are scheduled to roll out across the rest of the network from November Monday 11 November.

The machines will be rolled out as follows:

Mandurah Line
Between Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 November.

Armadale/Thornlie lines
Between Tuesday 12 and Monday 18 November.

Midland Line
Between Friday 15 and Tuesday 19 November.

Fremantle Line
Between Thursday 28 and Friday 29 November.

Joondalup Line
Between Monday 2 and Thursday 5 December. 

How to use the new Pay by Plate machine:

  • Park your vehicle in an available bay and make your way to the Pay by Plate machine located near the station entrance. Remember to make a note of your licence plate number.
  • Press the Pay by Plate button to activate the machine and enter your licence plate number then press the green tick
  • Select your payment method by pressing either 1 (coins) or 2 (SmartRider)
  • For SmartRider payment, place your SmartRider on the target icon until you hear the confirmation beep. The screen will read, “Payment O.K.  $2”,
  • If you’re using cash, just insert $2 into the machine (if you insert more than $2 no change will be given)
  • Collect your receipt, this is for your records only and does not need to be placed in your car
  • Continue on your journey, just remember to tag on and off at the station if you are using a SmartRider.

For more information on parking at stations visit the parking page.

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Service Updates