This convenient tool helps you plan ahead for a smooth journey.

Plan Your Journey

Helpful Hints

  • If the streets are near a suburb boundary, it may be better not to include a suburb name
  • Landmarks include major destinations in Perth (e.g. shopping centres, schools, churches, train stations, universities and hospitals, etc)
  • Passengers should arrive at the bus stop five minutes early to ensure they don't miss the bus as arrival times can vary slightly due to changes in traffic and road conditions
  • The School bus option shows dedicated school bus services only. These services are only to be used by students travelling to a specified school.

How to plan a journey

  1. Begin typing in the Start and End fields, and select your option from the drop down menu.  You may search for an:
    • Address (e.g. 123 Transperth St)
    • Landmark (e.g. Carousel Shopping Centre)
    • Stop number (e.g. 12345) or name (e.g. Progress Dr before Gwilliam Dr)
  2. Enter your travel time options:
    • Choose to ‘leave after’ or ‘arrive by’ a specific time
  3. Your journey results will include bus, train and ferry modes by default. Clicking on any of these options will turn the icon from green (enabled) to grey (disabled), removing them from your results. Modes can be
    re-activated by clicking on the icon again
  4. Click on ‘Plan Journey’ to see the results
  5. Your journey results can then be further refined by using the advanced options: ‘Walk Speed’, ‘Max Connections’ or ‘Max Walking Distance’
  6. Up to five journey options will be provided.  Travel details will be displayed when you click on your preferred journey option, with a map, and connection and fare information.

If you need further help planning your journey, download our guide on How to use the JourneyPlanner.

Frequently Asked JourneyPlanner Questions

Why aren't buses/ trains/ ferries included in my journey results?

Check which modes of travel (bus/train/ferry/school bus icons) you have enabled or disabled for your journey. If an icon is grey, that mode of transport has been disabled and will not appear in any of your journey results. If it is green and you are still not receiving results for that mode of transport, it may be that journeys involving that form of transport have a longer travel time than the alternatives and are not displayed.

The JourneyPlanner isn’t showing services that I know are running?

JourneyPlanner results are determined by a number of factors including the departure and arrival times, and the total travel time of the journey. The journey with the shortest travel time will be displayed first even if it requires a transfer. You can customise your journey to suit your needs by adjusting the walk speed, maximum walking distance and number of connections.

Why doesn’t my address show up in the JourneyPlanner?

Newly developed roads or addresses may not show up in the JourneyPlanner if Transperth has not yet received the data. If your address does not display but local streets near you do, please use the Customer Feedback Form to bring this to our attention.

Why does my journey result include a lot of walking?

JourneyPlanner results with the shortest travel times will be displayed first, even if they involve walking. You can customise your journey to suit your needs by adjusting the walking speed, maximum walking distance and number of connections.

Where can I find travel information for regional town or school bus services?

Regional services are not included in the JourneyPlanner. For information about bus services operating in regional Western Australia, please visit the Public Transport Authority website.

Perth metropolitan School Specials are included in the JourneyPlanner and can be found by performing searches with the School Bus mode of travel enabled.

Why does the JourneyPlanner show services that aren’t operating?

For short-term service interruptions and planned disruptions, the results will have a red service interruption notification. Further information about the impact of the interruption can be obtained by clicking on the notification.

Unplanned delays, closures or deviations cannot be displayed in the JourneyPlanner because they cannot be anticipated, though they are generally short-term. These unplanned disruptions are always displayed on the homepage.

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