Appealing Your Infringement

Information on how to appeal your infringement.

Appealing your infringement

If you would like to appeal your infringement by mail, please send your infringement details and supporting documentation to the below address: 

Public Transport Authority
PO Box 383, 
Northbridge WA 6865

If you would like to appeal your infringement online, please enter your infringement number or vehicle registration below.

Your infringement number can be found at the top of the form, and will start with either B, P or PT.

Please note that appeals can be made three business days after the infringement date.


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Appeal Form

Please download the attached form, and send the completed form along with your appeal to

If you wish to challenge the infringement, please complete and submit the form below.
If you are unsuccessful in this appeal and still want to contest the infringement, you can take the matter to court.

Please download and complete the attached form to nominate the person who was responsible for driving, and email it to to have it placed into their name.

Please note we are unable to accept an appeal from a third party that has not been authorised to act on behalf of the person listed on the infringement.

Feedback Form

Complete the form below to submit your feedback on Transperth, its people and the services it provides. Please note we will not respond to any feedback containing sexist, racist or any other anti-social comments.

Please complete all the required fields to ensure Transperth can contact you afterwards. In accordance with the PTA complaints handling policy, anonymous feedback (indicated by entering a dash into the required fields) will be forwarded to the relevant area for actioning where sufficient information has been provided to facilitate investigation.


Please use the field below to provide a detailed description of your feedback and indicate if you would like to receive a response from Transperth.

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How to pay or appeal your infringement notice.

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