Everything you need to know about using Transperth car parks.

When do I need to pay?

When you park at a Transperth train station it'll cost you $2. The fee applies per 24hr period or part thereof.

When to Pay

  • Monday - Friday: Fee applies
  • Saturday: No charge
  • Sunday or Public Holiday: No charge unless the vehicle is parked overnight.

This parking charge applies to all vehicles except authorised parking permit holders.

Accessible car parking bays are exempt from the $2 charge.

There are two ways to pay for parking, SmartParker and Pay 'n' Display. Find out how each one works below.

Please note Claremont, Fremantle, Murdoch, Seaforth and Swanbourne are SmartRider only stations and you will not be able to pay for parking with cash.

Not sure where to park at your station? Visit our Station Facilities page and download a station access map for your station. 

How long is my ticket valid for?

Your ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase. If your car remains parked at the station after this time, you may receive a fine. 

Parking on a weekday

If you park your car and pay for parking at 10.30am on a weekday you are able to leave your car parked at the station until 10.30am on the following weekday.

Parking on a Sunday or Public Holiday

If you are planning to park your car on a Sunday or Public Holiday and leave it there overnight, you will need to pay for your parking to ensure that you do not receive a fine.

For example, if you park your car at a train station at 4.00pm on Sunday night and don't intend to pick it up until the following day, you will be required to pay to park as your car will be there on a weekday. In this scenario you are able to leave your car parked up until 4.00pm on Monday, after which you would need to tag on to SmartParker again or purchase a new ticket.


SmartParker is the easiest and quickest way to pay for parking at our car parks. As you leave your car and head to the station, simply tag on at the SmartParker machine near the station entrance and continue on your journey.

To pay this way, you need to link your vehicle to your SmartRider.

How do I register my vehicle for SmartParker?

Registering your vehicle for SmartParker is easy. All you need is a Transperth My Account with a SmartRider attached. Once you have your SmartRider registered with My Account, and you are logged in:

  1. Go to ‘Register for SmartParker’.
  2. Follow the prompts to link your SmartRider to your vehicle registration.

Please note that if you have a personalised number plate that includes a symbol enter only the numbers and letters visible on the number plate. The symbol will not be scanned and you risk receiving a fine.

How do I register more than one vehicle?

You can link up to three vehicles to your SmartRider but only one vehicle can be active at any one time. When parking your other vehicle you’ll need to make it active through My Account or by calling 13 62 13 before you tag on to SmartParker.

If you forget to notify us of the vehicle you’re parking you risk getting a fine.

Using the SmartParker Machine

  • Park your vehicle in an available bay and go to the SmartParker machine located near the station entrance.
  • Press the green button and wait for the beep. The screen will say, “Please present your card”.
  • Hold your SmartRider to the processor (the yellow panel with the number two on it) and wait for the confirmation beep and for the screen to say, “Payment OK $2”.
  • Now you can head to the station to catch your train, but remember to tag on and off Transperth services as normal.
  • When returning to your car, there is no need to tag off SmartParker.

The $2 parking charge will be deducted from your SmartRider. You can see any of your SmartRider transactions, including parking charges, by logging on to My Account.

Please note, SmartRider discounts and concessions do not apply for parking.

Pay ‘n’ Display

If you don't want to use SmartParker, we also have Pay ‘n’ Display payment at most stations. You can use cash or your SmartRider to pay for parking and you'll need to display a ticket on your vehicle. If you're using a SmartRider it doesn't need to be registered.

Please note the Pay ‘n’ Display payment option is not available at Swanbourne Station.

Using the Pay ‘n’ Display Machine

  • Park your vehicle in an available bay and make your way to the Pay ‘n’ Display machine located near the station entrance.
  • If you’re using your SmartRider, press the yellow button to activate the SmartRider reader. The machine will prompt you to present your SmartRider.
  • Place your SmartRider on the SmartRider target icon above the ticket dispenser and a parking ticket will be automatically issued.
  • If you’re using cash, just insert $2 into the machine* and a parking ticket will be automatically issued. 
  • Head back to your vehicle and place your parking ticket, correct side up, on your dashboard.
  • Head to the station to catch your train and remember if you’re using a SmartRide for travel, to tag on and tag off as normal.
  • When returning to your car, there is no need to tag off Pay ‘n’ Display.

*The Pay ‘n’ Display parking machine at Fremantle and Murdoch stations are SmartRider only.

Short-term parking bays

Staying less than 15 minutes? Some stations have short-term parking bays close to the station entrance.  These are designed for passengers to be dropped off and picked up in peak times but can be used for longer periods at certain times.

You can park in these bays during the following times:

  • 5.00am and 9.00am – 15 minute parking only (no charge)
  • 3.30pm and 6.30pm – 15 minute parking only (no charge)
  • 9.00am and 3.30pm – Park between these hours for $2
  • After 6.30pm and before 5.00am – Park between these hours for $2
  • Anytime Saturday and Sunday – No charge

Please refer to signage at the station to check conditions.

Conditions for using Transperth car parks

  • A flat fee of $2 applies for all vehicles including motorbikes and motorised scooters parked between 5am and 9pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The fee applies whether you’re parked the whole day or any part of it and provides validated parking for 24 hours. If you are parking your vehicle on a Sunday night and not collecting it until Monday, you will need to pay $2 to ensure you do not receive a fine. The 24 hour period commences at the time of tag on.
  • If you’re a SmartParker, the $2 parking fee will be deducted from your SmartRider and parking attendants will use licence plate recognition software to check if parking has been paid for. If you’ve used the Pay ‘n’ Display machine, a valid parking ticket must be displayed, correct side up, on the car’s dashboard at all times. 
  • Car parks will be patrolled daily by parking attendants who will issue a $50 fine if a car doesn’t have a valid ticket on display, or doesn’t have the $2 parking fee deducted from a linked SmartRider. 
  • Because we want to offer as many parking bays to our passengers as possible Transperth car parks are, as always, strictly for Transperth passengers only. 
  • When you're using your SmartRider to pay for parking, you must tag on to a bus or train to or from the station you parked at on the same day that you parked. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use your SmartRider to pay for parking the next time you park. If this happens to you, you’ll need to make a Transperth journey using your SmartRider either to or from the station you last paid for parking at. Once this has been done it can take up to three days for your SmartRider to work on the parking machines again.

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