Cycling to Stations

Everything you need to know about cycling with Transperth.

Cycling with Transperth is easy, and now with more bike shelters at more stations, it’s never been easier to park your wheels.

It’s not only a cheap and convenient way to travel, it keeps you fit too.

Bike Shelters

We’ve placed bike shelters and lockers across our entire network, with a continuing commitment to meet growing demand. To sign up for Bike Shelter access, visit Bike Shelters.

Bicycles on Transperth services

Although we love bikes, there are some restrictions due to space limitations and safety considerations. To find out when you can and can’t take your bike on Transperth, visit Bicycles on Transperth Services.

Keeping your bike secure

Unfortunately, while Bike Shelters provide some security and protection from the elements, bikes get stolen.

For tips on keeping your bike secure, watch our videos on how to keep your bike secure.

How to Keep your Bike Secure - Part One
How to Keep your Bike Secure - Part Two
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