Cycling to Stations

Everything you need to know about cycling with Transperth.

With more bike shelters at more stations, cycling with Transperth has never been easier. It’s also a cheap, convenient and healthy way to travel.

While we love bikes, there are some restrictions in place due to space limitations and safety considerations:

  • No manual or powered bikes are allowed on board a bus, including train replacement buses, unless they are folded and placed in appropriately designed, fit-for-purpose carry bags that when folded are no more than 120cm x 68cm x 40cm
  • Bikes are permitted on all trains during off peak periods (space permitting) and during peak periods if travelling in a non-peak direction
  • Bikes are not permitted during peak periods when travelling in peak direction unless they are folded and placed in appropriately designed, fit-for-purpose carry bags that when folded are no more than 120cm x 68cm x 40cm
  • Bikes aren’t allowed to enter Perth, Perth Underground or Elizabeth Quay stations during peak times
  • Bikes can be taken on the ferry at all times, with four racks available for storage; if allocation is exhausted, you can still bring bikes on board during off-peak times.

Peak periods are Monday to Friday between:

  • 7.00am and 9.00am (travelling towards the city)
  • 4.30pm and 6.30pm (travelling away from the city).

For further guidelines and restrictions, visit our taking items on board page.

Bike Shelters

Bike shelters are secure areas at stations where you can lock your bike. Make sure you register your SmartRider beforehand to enable access.

You can register for access at up to two locations. Remember to lock your bike inside the shelter for added security.

How to register your SmartRider for access to the bike shelters

  1. Register for My Account
  2. Link your SmartRider card to your account
  3. On the 'My SmartRider' page, request access to a maximum of two bike shelters. Changes to bike shelter access can take up to 24 hours to process.

Once you have registered for a bike shelter, you can only update access online once every three months. This is a measure Transperth has in place to increase the security of bike shelters. To request an additional update, please call the InfoLine on 13 62 13.

How to use SmartRider to access a bike shelter

  1. Tap your SmartRider to the reader on the bike shelter
  2. The shelter door will unlock
  3. Lock up your bike with a good quality bike lock
  4. Exit the shelter by tapping your SmartRider to the reader on the inside of the shelter.

Please ensure the door is properly locked behind you.

Please note, every person who enters and exits the bike shelter needs to swipe their card for entry.

If you lose your SmartRider

If you lose your SmartRider, you’ll need help from one of our staff members. You'll need to show an acceptable form of photo ID and be able to unlock your own bike. For security reasons, we will record your personal details and bike details.

Which stations have bike shelters?

 Stations Line
Alkimos Yanchep
Armadale  Armadale/Thornlie
Aubin Grove Mandurah
Bassendean Midland
Bayswater Airport and Midland
Beckenham  Armadale/Thornlie
Bull Creek Mandurah
Butler Yanchep
Canning Bridge Mandurah
Cannington Armadale/Thornlie
Claremont Airport and Fremantle
Clarkson Yanchep
Cockburn Central Mandurah
Cottesloe Fremantle
Currambine Yanchep
East Perth Airport and Midland
Edgewater Yanchep
Eglinton Yanchep
Fremantle Fremantle
Glendalough Yanchep
Gosnells Armadale/Thornlie
Grant Street Fremantle
Greenwood Yanchep
Guildford Midland
High Wycombe Airport
Joondalup Yanchep
Kelmscott Armadale/Thornlie
Kenwick Armadale/Thornlie
Kwinana Mandurah
Lakelands Mandurah
Maddington Armadale/Thornlie
Mandurah Mandurah
Maylands Airport and Midland
Meltham Airport and Midland
Midland Midland
Mirrabooka Bus Station (bike lockers) Bus Station
Murdoch Mandurah
North Fremantle Fremantle
Oats Street Armadale/Thornlie
Perth (Roe St) Airport, Armadale/Thornlie, Fremantle, Midland, Mandurah, Yanchep
Redcliffe Airport
Rockingham Mandurah
Shenton Park Airport and Fremantle
Stirling Yanchep
Swanbourne Fremantle
Thornlie Armadale/Thornlie
Victoria Park Armadale/Thornlie
Victoria Street Fremantle
Warnbro Mandurah
Warwick Yanchep
Wellard Mandurah
Whitfords Yanchep
Yanchep Yanchep

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