Our escalators are a little different to other escalators. For starters, they carry lots of people at once, especially during peak hour. And to help move the high number of users, they are also a bit faster than other escalators.

These differences make it important to take extra care when using our escalators to avoid getting hurt.

Below are some tips to help you reach your destination safely:

Pay attention

When using escalators, pay attention to your surroundings, not your mobile, and be considerate of other escalator users. Safety is everybody’s responsibility.

Step off and move away

When you get to the top or bottom of the escalator, step off and move away from the escalator promptly. Make sure you don’t stand in the stripy yellow Keep Clear area marked on the ground.

Hold on

Please hold onto the black handrail but keep your body away from the sides of the escalator. Be sure to maintain three points of contact at all times.

Use the lift instead

If you are feeling unsteady on your feet, have issues with depth perception or are carrying bags, consider using the lifts instead.

Wheelchairs, bicycles, prams and people carrying luggage must use the lifts. If you are not sure where the lifts are, ask a staff member for help.

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