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Independent Access Stations

If your station is listed as “Independent Access” it meets a higher accessibility standard on our network.

This means that the majority of passengers can access the station independently either via ramps, pathways or lifts and access to the station is not via a pedestrian crossing.

The gap between platforms and trains will be a maximum of 60mm wide and 20mm high.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators are also in place.

Assisted Access Stations

If your station is listed as “Assisted Access” it does not currently meet as high an accessibility standard as an "Independent Access" station and some passengers may need assistance to access the station or board and alight the train.

A station will be listed as assisted access due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Ramps – these are non-compliant ramps due to the angle or length
  • Gaps – The maximum gap between the train and the platform exceeds 60mm wide and 20mm high
  • Pedestrian crossings are used to access the station these contain gaps of up to 75mm
  • Floor markings – these stations do not have compliant Tactile Ground Surface Indicators installed at the station.

Passengers who use mobility aids, experience difficulty in walking or have a vision impairment may need to be accompanied by a companion to access the station.

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