Mobility Aids

Maximum dimensions and other essential information.

Mobility aids are welcome

If you use a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or motorised scooter and it meets the specifications you can see below, you may use it on our network. For more information you can visit Disability Assistance.

Some oversized wheelchairs and scooters are too big to take on board.

Remember that wheelchairs, bicycles, prams and other wheeled vehicles must use the lifts. If you are not sure where the lifts are, ask a staff member for help.


Your mobility aid should

  • Fit entirely inside within a 1300 mm by 800 mm space - this is the size of the allocated places on buses, trains and ferries.
  • Be no more than 750 mm wide.
  • Weigh less than 300 kg including you and an assistant if you have one - this is the safe weight limit of boarding devices such as ramps.


 Your mobility aid needs to

  • Be able to move backwards and forwards when required.
  • Have an effective braking system that completely stops it moving.


To board trains, buses and ferries your mobility aid should be able to

  • Turn 180 degrees within an area 2070 mm by 1540 mm.
  • Cross a horizontal gap up to 50 mm wide.
  • Mount a vertical rise (bump) up to 15 mm.
  • Cross grating gaps up to 13 mm wide and 150 mm long.
  • Cross a gap up to 75 mm wide if you are accessing pedestrian level crossings.
  • Negotiate a 1:14 grade ramp unassisted.
  • Negotiate up to a 1:8 grade ramp that is less than 1520 mm long.
  • Negotiate a 1:4 grade ramp with assistance.

Charging points

Passengers wishing to access a gopher recharge point can visit the Citiplace Community Centre and Rest Centre.

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