Transperth Assist - Perth Busport 

The official Transperth app for up to date Perth Busport departure information.

Transperth Assist is a Perth Busport specific app available for iOS and Android devices.

The app is free and shows up to date bus departure information from Perth Busport. 

With this app you can:

  • View your favourite bus departure times from Perth Busport
  • View all upcoming departure times from Perth Busport
  • Contact us.

Why does Perth Busport need an app?

Perth Busport operates differently to other stations on the Transperth network, using an Australian first in the way buses are allocated their departure point (known as dynamic stand management). 

This means that buses will not always depart from the same stand, however they will always depart from the same group of four stands.

Transperth Assist allows you to find out what where your bus will be departing from once it has been allocated a stand by the dynamic stand management system. 

Transperth Assist has been developed in consultation with the disability sector to make travelling through Perth Busport as simple as possible.

More information about Perth Busport is available here.

Download Transperth Assist

Available for Android and iOS.

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