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The official Transperth app for iOS and Android devices is available for download.

The official Transperth app for iOS and Android devices is available for download. And we would love to hear what you think about it.

The app is free, and shows live public transport information within the Perth metro area. 

With this app you can:

Track your service live

  • You can now track your bus, train or ferry live on the app
  • Simply look for the yellow LIVE icon for services that you can follow live.
  • You can follow your service on the map.

Plan your journey

  • Plan your trip using the JourneyPlanner and view it on a map
  • Find the next services from any stop, station or jetty
  • Save your favourite journeys, stops, stations and routes for quick access.

Log into My Account

Link your Transperth My Account to the app to easily manage:

  • Your SmartRider
  • Your SmartParker, including your active vehicle
  • Your bike shelter access
  • Your My Alerts subscriptions.


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Frequently Asked Transperth App Questions

What’s the difference between live and scheduled trips?

Trips marked as scheduled are timetabled trips that are showing up in the app. Live trips can be identified by a yellow LIVE icon next to a trip, and you’ll be able to track the bus, train or ferry’s journey.

Services will appear as scheduled until the driver logs onto the trip and begins that route. Once the driver logs in the service will become live.

A Trip may also appear as scheduled if there is a problem with receiving the GPS signal from that bus.

I’ve lost my favourites after transitioning to the new app?

Unfortunately you will lose your favourites when moving from the previous app to the new one. You can re-save these by selecting Places, Journeys or Routes in the home screen and selecting the yellow button to add each of these to the app.

My set journey/ fare options are not showing within my journey?

Make sure your journey and fare options are saved when these are selected. The save button can be missed as it appears further down the page and may not be visible unless you scroll down.

The fare cost in the JourneyPlanner can be edited in the Options menu under JourneyPlanner. In the Fare Options submenu you may select whether you are on a Standard or Concession fare, and what type of concession.

You may also change your payment type to SmartRider, SmartRider Autoload, or Cash.

Live tracking is lagging? My bus just arrived but the map shows it’s still on its way

Live tracking of Transperth buses may be impacted by a number of reasons ranging from hardware faults on the individual bus, to connection speeds of the mobile device used to view them.

If the bus you are tracking appears to be behind its schedule, it may be because the map provided in the app can occasionally take between 15-45 seconds to update.

Alternatively, the bus may have entered a covered area which has interfered with the GPS signal. This is particularly prevalent in the Perth CBD where GPS signal is weakened, or in sheltered areas such as Perth Busport or Elizabeth Quay Bus Station.

We are working on improving the GPS accuracy around these areas and we may expect an increase in performance over time.

My password is not working in the new app?

If your password is not working you will need to reset your password through My Account on then login on the app using your new password.

How can I disable app notifications?

App notification time and date settings can be managed in the Alerts menu within the app.

Tap the clock icon in the upper right corner and adjust the days and times you receive notifications. To disable notifications entirely, disable all days.

You can also disable notifications in settings of your device.

My SmartRider cannot be selected in the app. It is greyed out and says ‘invalid’?

The SmartRider is most likely a hotlisted card. You may not have added your active card to My Account or you are not selecting the active card.

Can I manage Autoload on the app?

Autoload cannot be activated or edited through the app. For security purposes this must be managed through My Account on the Transperth website.

How to use the Transperth app

Transperth App Feedback

You can provide feedback by tapping on App Feedback or Transperth Feedback under About in the app. You can also submit feedback via our feedback form.

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Download the official Transperth app

Free, up-to-date public transport information within the Perth metro area, now with live bus tracking. Available for Android and iOS.

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