Checking your SmartRider balance

Here’s how you can find out how much value you have remaining on your SmartRider card at anytime.

When you tag on and off

You can see your SmartRider card balance on the screen when you tag on or off.

Add-value machines

Place your card on the SmartRider card holder. The machine will display your card balance.

Transperth InfoLine

Call the Transperth InfoLine. Please note that information about balances via the Transperth InfoLine are at least one day behind the true balance on your SmartRider card.

Retail Sales Outlets

Staff at a Retail Sales Outlet can tell you what your card’s balance is.

Transperth InfoCentres

Staff at a Transperth InfoCentre can tell you what your card’s balance is.


If you have registered your SmartRider card, you can check your balance by logging into My Account.


Text your SmartRider card number (the nine digits after the SR letters) and we will reply with your SmartRider balance. You should text 13 62 13 for Telstra, Optus and Virgin customers only. Other customers will need to use 0456 13 62 13 instead. 

Find out more about SMS services.

SmartRider Benefits

Save 20%

Get a 20% discount off fares with SmartRider Autoload.

Learn about Autoload.


Use your SmartRider to pay for parking at the station.

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