Bus Accessibility

Detailing bus routes where accessible vehicles and services are available.

Accessible bus services

All buses that operate on the Transperth bus network are fully accessible. These buses are able to kneel to the kerb, lowering the step to make it easier for passengers to board as well as having built in ramps that can extend to the kerb for those who need it, including passengers with wheelchairs, prams or mobility devices.

Each accessible bus has fold up chairs with space for two wheelchairs, prams or mobility devices.

While all Transperth bus routes are serviced by fully accessible buses, not every bus stop on the network is accessible.

Taking mobility aids on board

Bus stop accessibility

We are currently rolling out a Bus Stop Accessibility Works Program that aims to upgrade all bus stops so they comply with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport.

This project will lead to our bus network being fully accessible however this will take time. If your local stop is not accessible, you can email transperthsignage@pta.wa.gov.au and request that it be allocated priority status.

Assistance animals

Go to Animals.

Braille timetables

Braille timetables are available on request via the Transperth InfoLine.

Large format timetables

Large format timetables are available on request via the Transperth InfoLine.

Important phone numbers

Special assistance at train stations -
1800 800 022

TTY via the National Relay Service - 133 677

Voice Relay - 1300 555 727

See our contact page for more information.

Communication cards

Communication Cards help you communicate with Transperth personnel. A communication card has two sections where you can write information.

  • Please stop at - this should show your destination.
  • Please help with the following - write in this area if you need the Transperth driver to assist you with anything concerning your trip.

When you enter a Transperth bus, show the driver your communication card.

You can obtain communication cards by contacting us or from any Transperth InfoCentre.

Service Updates