Bike Shelters

Secure shelters for your bike. Gain access with your SmartRider.

Convenient, secure and free

You can access the bike shelters with your SmartRider. Please note using them is at your own risk.

If you register your SmartRider for the bike shelters, you may choose up to two shelter locations and have 24-hour access.

Other bicycle parking areas such as u-rails and bicycle lockers will still be available at stations.

How to register your SmartRider for access to the bike shelters

  1. Register for My Account.
  2. Link your SmartRider card to your account. 
  3. On the 'My SmartRider' page, request access to a maximum of two of the bike shelters. Changes to bike shelter access can take up to 24 hours to process. 

How to use SmartRider to access a bike shelter

  1. Present your SmartRider to the black panel on the bike shelter.
  2. The shelter door unlocks automatically.
  3. Lock up your bike with a good bike lock.
  4. Exit the shelter by presenting your SmartRider to the black panel on the inside of the shelter.

Please ensure the door is properly locked behind you.

Please note every person who enters and exits the bike shelter will need to swipe their card for entry.

If you lose your SmartRider

If you lose your SmartRider, you’ll need help from one of our staff members. You'll need to show an acceptable form of photo ID and be able to unlock your own bike. For security reasons, we will record your personal details and bike details.

Bike Locks

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked in the car park, so make sure you treat your bike the same way. A good bike lock is essential to deter thieves, even if you’re using our bike shelters.


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